9:30am – 5:30pm

Do you ship overseas?

Due to the fragile nature of our stock, we are unable to safely ship our items overseas.

Do you have any other stores or suppliers in any other states?

Unfortunately we only have two store locations in Coburg and Wantirna in Victoria and have no plans to expand to other states. We also aren’t aware of other suppliers from other states, so while we would love to, we aren’t able to help you in that regard. We have heard from several people that they did end up finding what they needed, but other companies might not be as easy to find, or have the capability to have a website with their products on it, so it may take more legwork to find them.

Do you ship interstate?

While there is some items that can be shipped interstate, it does usually cost at least the same amount as the item, if not more.  There is also the problem that even if we package the items with every packaging material available we still cannot guarantee that the items will arrive to you in one piece. The postal system does not insure for these so if they do break we are then required to take the full cost of this on, then send a replacement and hope that that goes okay and then send a new one and cover the full cost of that. For that reason, and the fact that packing takes a really long time and no matter what we charged, we would not be able to facilitate the time it takes to pack them. Please understand that we understand if

Do you offer returns or exchanges?

We offer exchanges or a store credit on items that are in the same condition as when they left the store. We do not offer refunds on change of mind returns.

Do you have on site parking?

We have a small drive through parking lot which has 6 spaces. Access is available through the gate closest to the building, and then the exit is through the other gate though please be aware that if the front three spaces are empty and you are in the rear spaces, you may be asked to move so that you are not blocking others from parking. There is also street parking available right outside, which has unlimited hours from 9-4 weekdays and un-restricted on weekends. Please be aware that it is a clearway before 9am and after 4pm weekdays.

Why do most of your pots only go up to 60cm or so in size? Or are a bowl shape?

This comes down to one thing: Shipping containers. Due to the size of containers, they are designed to be one size and then fit two pallets of about 110cm, which depending on how they pack the pallets, usually fit 4 pots per row of about 55cm on them. They then come with the smaller sizes packed inside. The other most common one in bigger sizes are then a bowl, of which the largest size is then the width of a pallet but then the height isnt high enough for most peoples requirements. We always try and get other options for people but the price then goes up due to them not fitting properly onto pallets, so you may end up with a more expensive pot.

Where are your products made?

We make 95% off all of the concrete products in store, between our two stores. We then get the other 5% from other Australian suppliers who also make them in store. Our pots are all imported from several different countries, depending on the supplier; Vietnam and China are the main suppliers but we also get some from Pakistan, Germany, and other various countries. We would love to get these from Australia as well, but other than small traders, no large scale production of pots occurs in Australia anymore.