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Delivery available to Greater Melbourne Only – please contact us for a quote.
Delivery cost varies depending on the size and weight of items and the distance from our stores in Wantirna and Coburg.
Everything is delivered by a staff member or our delivery driver. We do not deliver interstate.

Italian & German Terracotta Saucers


Our large variety of Italian and German made terracotta saucers.
Please call us on 9354 4144 to confirm availability.

G = German
It = Italian

Size Ital/Ger Price
8cm G $2.00
10cm G $2.50
11.3cm G $3.00
13.5cm G $3.50
15.7cm G $4.50
19cm It $7.00
20.1cm G $8.50
21cm It $9.00
23cm It $11.00
24cm G $15.00
27cm It $18.00
28.4cm G $22.00
31cm It $24.00
32cm G N/A
36cm It $36.00
37cm G $36.00
41cm It $65.00
46cm N/A It $
51cm It $120.00