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Delivery available to Greater Melbourne Only – please contact us for a quote.
Delivery cost varies depending on the size and weight of items and the distance from our stores in Wantirna and Coburg.
Everything is delivered by a staff member or our delivery driver. We do not deliver interstate.


Pier Size mm

(No. of Bricks)

Product Code Pier Cap Base 


Pier Cap Top Width


Pier Cap Height 




(1½ x 1½ )
350mm x 350mm
PP4 390 x 390 380 x 380 90 $65
(2 x 1½ )

470mm x 350mm

PP5 500 x 390 490 x 380 90 $76
(2 x 2)

470mm x 470mm

PP6 500 x 500 490 x 490 90 $93
(2 ½ x 2) 

590mm x 470mm

PP7 620 x 500 610 x 490  90 $102

Made of pressed cement and comes in the colour shown in the photos in a “natural” cement colour.

They are made by a local company Fulton’s Bricks and Pavers, located in Watirna. They are also sold there if you are over that direction.